Fitness Training with Louis West

Staying healthy and fit is a lifetime commitment. A change in the way you feel about yourself, a change in confidence and a change in health.

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Become equipped with the right fitness and nutrition tools to help shape your vision of your fitness dream with Body of Vision Fitness.

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What We Offer

BOV Rhythm & Fitness Cardio

This unique class incorporates a variety rhythmic moves, cardio, and your body weight. You will experience and great sweat and burn, while feeling energized and excited after this work out. There is no previous experience needed for this class.’

Circut Training

Variety of body conditions exercise to assist you in extra calorie burn and muscle increase. This workout will guarante keep your heart rate up, and boy moving.

Strength Training

Elevate your physical performance with endurance and challenging techniques during the strength training session. This one on one session is developed to elevate your physical performance with endurance and challenging techniques while using weights and a variety of lifting forms.

Body Weight & Weights

You will gain full access to specific exercise and strategies to enhance your desired muscle build.​

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Man Doing Floor Exercises

"I have lost 50 lbs thus far and I am almost to my goal thanks to the expertise of Louis West"

Body of Vision client

- Deird

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